Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inside Love. Honor. Upcycle.

Today I wanted to share a little more about me, Tanna Paradis, and the inspiration behind Love.Honor.Upcycle. 

My husband TJ and I at our wedding. May 12, 2007  

I’ve always been a bit “wedding” obsessed.  Maybe it’s the celebration factor combined with finding true love. And then of course the joy in creating the most amazing day of your life, filled with all your favorite people and all your favorite things.

I first dipped my toe into the wedding biz even before I was married. I started a daily e-mail newsletter and website called Hitch. The site was full of off-beat wedding tips and fabulous wedding finds. It was very Daily Candy-esque. Now of course there is a Daily Candy for weddings but back then (2005) it was just me and Miss Bee. In fact I met Miss Bee in Manhattan at an industry function. She had a little blog, called the Wedding Bee! I remember thinking, “What is a blog anyway?" Perhaps I should have paid a little more attention.

A few years later I married. I wanted to wear some of my grandmother's vintage jewelry. I had always loved the sparkling pieces she kept in the jewel box. I just never found the right place or time to wear them.  I wore her brooch and at the suggestion of the designer who made my veil I re-purposed a pair of fleur-de-lis rhinestone earrings into fabulous hair combs to place at the base of my up-do. Stunning and oh so special. These pieces have now become some of my most treasured wedding keepsakes.
My Grandmother's Vintage Brooch.

I suppose these accessories were my "Aha" moment.  The rest as they say is history.

At Love. Honor. Upcycle I hope to continue creating beautiful accessories for weddings and everyday celebration. I want to honor the beauty, glamour and artistry of times past while providing modern pieces that exude elegance, sophistication and style.

As much as I want my art to honor yesterday I also want to help preserve tomorrow.  This is why I re-purpose, re-fashion and re-style materials whenever possible. I also incorporate recycled packaging that is not only gift ready but perfect for keepsake storage.  Proof that beauty can be eco-chic?  I think so!




  1. I love your story! In fact, I'm totally inspired. I've been using vintage items in my personal life because, well, I love to repurpose anything! I am in love with Old Hollywood style and glamour. I just started adding vintage elements to my etsy shop because initially I didn't think I could find enough of the lovely vintage pieces to keep up. But, I really wanted to make it work so I'm giving it a shot. I'm so glad to have found your blog and shop. ~Kimberlee @ Gracefully Girly

  2. Thanks Kimberlee! I'm so happy you shared your story and your shop. It's really lovely I just took a look. We'll keep in touch. ~Tanna